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We live by the culture that HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY!

Honesty refers to being truthful in one’s own actions and words.

Interesting fact that “Honesty is the Best Policy” was famously quoted by Benjamin Franklin where he talks about it being a tool of success in life.

Suzy Babineau

Susan Babineau (Suzy)


Suzy has been selling group benefits since 2012.  She really loves what she does!  She’s kind of a workaholic and can’t stop until things are done.  A perfectionist at heart which allows her to give the detail and attention that clients enjoy.  She has very high standards and makes sure to treat our clients the way she would want to be treated.  She tries the best to make everyone feel part of the Dezyne family! Contact Suzy at suzy@dezyne.ca

Dezyne Benefits

Lyne Cormier

Client Services Manager / Social Media

Lyne worked in the group benefits industry for 12 years. She left for a few years to explore other opportunities, however, Dezyne convinced her to return to her true passion which is group benefits. We are very fortunate to have someone on our team with such experience in the industry. Lyne’s personality is truly amazing with such high energy. She has a professional work ethic and does what is needed to get the job done. Our clients are lucky to have her taking care of their needs. Contact Lyne at lyne@dezyne.ca

Dezyne Benefits

To Be Announced

Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper

Dezyne Benefits

Kaven Vaillancourt

Information Technology (IT)

We call Kaven our “Tech Guy” or “IT Guy”!  Although he is not an employee of Dezyne per say, he is truly part of our team with only a phone call or a text away.  He’s the one that ensures your data is safely tucked away in an encrypted server and keeps the Dezyne team running at all times to make sure we are here for you. Contact Kaven at info@kavenv.net

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