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Information on subjects such as:  Importance of selecting your beneficiary, over-age dependents, life event updates, claims reimbursement, prescription dispensing fees, co-ordination of benefits.


A national pharmacy that specializes in the dispensing and delivery of biologic, injection, infusion, and other specialty medicines

Generic Drugs vs. Brand-Name Drugs

A generic drug is designed to work the same way in the body as the original brand-name drug.  In Canada, 700 million prescriptions were filled in 2018. More than 71 percent of all prescriptions were dispensed with generic medicines. That means, on average, every day more than 1.3 million prescriptions were filled using generic medicine.    



Zenni Optical

We believe everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable eyeglasses. It’s really too bad that this is a USA Company and prices are in US funds. We understand it’s important to support local, however, we also understand that you work hard for your money and need savings to stretch your dollar. We have been recommending this company to our clients for years, and it’s the best on-line company for vision accuracy that we know of.  

5 Grownup Things To Do Right Now

None of us wants to think about boring, grownup stuff like wills, but being an adult is not as hard (or even boring!) as it looks! Trust me. And there are companies and resources out there that actually make the process easier.   



Tips for finding balance at home and work

Are you having trouble balancing work and life?  Our lives consist of priorities, personal interests and activities, obligations and relationships that compete for our time. We long to balance work, family, school and paying bills with downtime and activities we enjoy.



What makes insurance brokers different from other options?

Purchasing insurance should be a snap; with the entire Internet at your fingertips, you have the resources to research thousands of different policies without having to call a professional, right?  Well, perhaps.  While we don’t doubt your ability to research and find the best rate on your own, there are some distinct advantages to working with an insurance broker to find the best policy for your needs. 

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